Massage Minded

Bringing Awareness to Preventative Care


Learn how to massage your spouse, boyfriend/girlfriend, or a loved one like a professional massage therapist:

These workshops will teach you the do and don’ts of massage therapy.  The techniques you learn will not only benefit your partner but you as well.  Learn the trick the pros use so that your hands and fingers don’t get tired or cramp up.  I want to help you understand the power of healing and how you can do it too!

Every workshops begins with a introduction to massage and what I call “Massage etiquette 101”.  During the workshop you will learn some basic muscle anatomy of the general area we will work on that class and learn to palpate (feel/find)  the muscle.  After I will go over two or three effective and easy techniques that you can practice at home.


Workshops hosted at the park

Workshops hosted at your home

Workshops hosted at local business’s


Beginners Massage Workshops:

Head and Neck

Neck and Shoulder

Shoulders and Arms

Shoulders and Back

Forearms and Hands

Back and Hip

Hip and thighs

Thighs and Knees

Calves and feet

Head, hands, feet


Massage Workshops

• 1 workshop / $50
• 4 workshops / $190
• 8 workshops / $380

Groups up to 12