Massage Minded

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What are the benefits of massage?

We all know getting a massage feels great, but who actually know the true science to its benefits? From Chinese Medicine, to the Greek’s art of rubbing, to the Swedish men that help mold what most of us today know as a Swedish massage, massage therapy has been a strong aspect of health and healing.  Recently more and more people are realizing how beneficial massage can be when done regularly.  Different modalities (types) of massage have different focus points of benefit on the body.

Overall they all have these in common;

Increases blood circulation. Blood flow increases from the muscle manipulation from the massage helping breakdown the toxins and/or scar build up blocking our muscles fibers that make up our muscle as a whole.
Decreases Stress. Life, work, or painful discomfort in our daily activities can cause stress to appear in our lives. Stress is the one of biggest things that effects our health mentally and physically.
Helps with Insomnia. Part of every Massage Minded experience comes some sort of meditation. Customized relaxing nature sounds and music are played to help you fully escape and unwind. I will walk you through your appointment having you focused and aware of your body and breath. This will help you be present in the moment to except the therapy and heal that much better.
Helps improve overall mood. Chemical imbalances in our body and/or brain to our atmosphere can be a factor of affecting our moods and emotions. Massage helps trigger certain reactions in the body that can help us produce chemicals and/or hormones that assist in our feeling happier. And the fact that it feels great also helps.
After a massage. You and your body become more aware of the tension, pain, and stress held throughout your body, and because of the massage techniques done the muscle it is retaught to heal properly and helping the fibers in the muscle realign.

How can I prepare for a massage appointment?

Drink Lots of WATER!  The day before and of.   I’m sure you’ve heard massage therapist mentioning… “don’t  forget to drink some water”.

Our reasoning being is because water is the best to help flush out all the toxic build up and residue that was stuck on your muscles, tendons, ligaments, and even organs that we broke up during the massage.  As your body repairs itself it will garb what your body has to offer. Not drinking water will only leave those toxic chemicals in your body to be reused.

What is a Swedish Massage?

Swedish massage is Americas most popular and common modality (type) of massage. This is what most consider to be a traditional western massage. Swedish massage in done on a massage table with oils, lotions, or creams. You undress to your comfort level and lay safely draped (covered) under the massage sheets. This modality involves a series of long strokes and kneading movements with hands, palms, and fingertips. This form of therapy help manipulate the superficial (top) layer of the muscles to help wit mental and physical health.

What is a Deep Tissue Massage?

Deep Tissue (D.T.) massage is also a western modality. D.T. is done on a massage table with oils,lotions, or creams. You undress to your comfort level and then lay safely draped (covered) under the massage sheets. But unlike a Swedish massage, D.T. is designed to get into the deep connective tissues of the body and uses a variety of techniques to penetrate deeper muscles and fascia. Many clients find this to be a intense but beneficial experience because it helps address deep seeded pain and past injury build up. This form of therapy is most beneficial when undertaken on a regular bases. This helps to correct long term problems/pain. Some types of problems/pain can take almost as long to heal as they took to build up in the body if not treated regularly.

What is a Shiatsu Massage?

Shiatsu is an eastern type of massage. It’s origin leads back to Chinese Medicine (3000 BCE). Shiatsu simply means finger pressure. Many eastern forms of acupressure and other Chinese/Japanese medicine are based on the concept of ki (chi, energy). Meaning that healing can be done with the transfer of ki from one person to another by pressing certain areas (your meridians) in the body associated with our vital organs .
This modality involves applying pressure to your meridians throughout the body to help promote balance in your ki for overall well being. Unlike Swedish massages, Shiatsu is preformed on the floor with no oil, lotions, or creams. The client remains fully clothed (comfy sweats and T). The techniques are slow rhythmic compression and stretches along the bodies energy line with hands, palms, elbows, and feet.

What is a Thai Massage?

Thai massage is similar in the concept of energy and certain techniques as Shiastu, but Thai massage looks/feels like a cross between acupressure, Shiatsu, and yoga/Pilates. Thai massage helps the ROM (range of motion) in your joints by having the therapist do the yoga/Pilates stretches for you. Helping you get a deeper more relaxed stretch. the efforts of the therapist works out the tension within your body by gently rocking the body during therapy session.