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About Me


Liz Curiel

“I want to share my knowledge of the science of healing.”

My mission is to help everyone alleviate their pain, let go of stress, and increase range of motion in their body, while helping them get a deeper understanding of the body biologically and spiritually.”

I have been in the massage therapy business for 10 years, and am officially the National Holistic Institutes youngest student to have ever attended their Emeryville, California facility.  As a Massage Therapist and Health Educator I have been certified since 2005. I am licensed in the state of California #51594, and insured with the AMTA.

Dedicated to my clients’ holistic needs, I continuously take classes, workshops, and seminars to learn new techniques for healing the body, mind, and spirit.  As my understanding of the body grows, so does my passion to heal others.  Having over a decade of working experience along side chiropractors, physical therapist, personal trainers, nutritionists, and other health practitioners,  I have learned to listen to my clients needs and to their bodies reaction to the therapy. Throughout my years of practice, I have come up with a few tricks of my own to help with the recovery/healing process.

I continue to educate myself on the human anatomy and physiology,  to get a better understanding of its functions and how it naturally repairs itself.  My fascination with the power of healing has only grown as I get a deeper understanding of the human body.  I now use my knowledge of science and spirituality to facilitate your ability to naturally heal yourself.  The human body is an amazing machine, and people underestimate how powerful it truly is with the proper therapy, tools, and information.  My years of massage practice have proven to me that pain and stress does not have to be forever.

Regardless of the adjectives we assign to massage (rejuvenating, therapeutic, pampering) or the reasons we seek it out (Pain management, stress relief, luxurious treat); massage therapy can be a powerfully ally in your health care regimen.

Feel free to book a massage appointment and see for yourself the benefits of massage therapy.

Be Well